Part 107 Regulations Online Training Course (test prep, waiver compliance, recurrent training, etc.)

40+videos and 100+ questions that go section-by-section through the Part 107 “Drone Regulations.” Helpful for studying for the remote pilot knowledge exams and also making sure your pilots/crew are knowledgeable.


How to Understand Airspace & Read a Chart for Drone Pilots

40+ videos and 100+ questions on airspace classes & dimensions, charts, special use airspace, Part 93 special air traffic rules, Part 73 restricted & prohibited areas, ATC & the NAS, authorizations, federal airspace laws, and NOTAMs.


Night Operations Online Training Course [2020 Edition]

Completion fulfills the night training requirement under a Part 107 waiver. This course teaches (1) proper night scanning techniques, (2) physiological conditions which may degrade night vision, and (3) night visual illusions & their remedies.